For MacOS

M1 chip-based Macs are not yet supported
Download Soundflower from
Extract it, run the installer and perform an installation
If the installation fails, go to MacOS System Preferences and select the "Security & Privacy" tab. There click on "Allow" next to "Matt Ingels". Run the installer again.
Change your system global audio output to “Soundflower 2ch” (System Preferences, Sound, Output tab), that will send any audio stream from any app to Soundflower virtual device
Start or restart the Drovio app
On Drovio preferences > audio tab, set audio input to “Soundflower 2ch”, that will stream any audio packets arriving on Soundflower virtual device
When you’re done streaming your system audio, revert your system global audio and Drovio app Sound Input device to default

For Windows

On Drovio preferences > audio tab
Set audio input to “System audio loopback”
When you’re done streaming your system audio, don't forget to revert your Input device to default
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