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What is Drovio?

Drovio is a pair programming and team collaboration tool that lets you invite people on your screen. You're all in control and participants can interact with your apps as if you were all at the same desk. In fact, it's way better than being at the same desk: each participant get a mouse cursor, making driver/navigator switch a breeze and offering a smooth collaborative experience.

With crisp voice chat and built-in low latency streaming of any screen or app, Drovio takes screen sharing to a whole new level. Also, your security and privacy matters a lot to us, that's why when you share your screen, make a call or chat with Drovio, communications are end to end encrypted (meaning no one can see what you're doing, not even us!).


🤝 Collaborative screen sharing
🖱 Remote control: multiple mouse cursors
⌨️ Remote control: any keyboard layout
🎥 Videoconference
🎙 Crisp voice chat
🌐 Web client
👤 Built-in contact list
📩 Invite people over email or with direct link
🔄 Swap the presenter role
📹 Record the session to re-watch it later on
✂️ Shared clipboard
📂 Share files
💥 Low latency
🤚 Your privacy is respected
👨🏻‍💻 Available on all OS

Collaborative screen sharing 🤝

With Drovio, you can share your screen or a single app with anyone. People can directly interact with what you're sharing as if you were all at the same desk, in real time.

Remote control: multiple mouse cursors 🖱

Every participant get their own mouse cursor on the screen and can interact with any apps being shared.

Remote control: any keyboard layout ⌨️

USE Together supports any combination of keyboard layout, meaning you can pair with people from all over the world, they'll be able to type on your screen seamlessly.

Crisp voice and video chat 🎙

Chat with your team while making the most amazing things, together. Drovio has group voice chat support with crisp audio and echo cancellation.

Web client 🌐

Join a screen sharing session either with the Drovio app or from a compatible web browser: Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari 11+. The web client supports remote control and doesn't require any plugin to be installed or any active subscription.

Built-in contact list 👤

A built-in contact list allow you to know when other users are online and start screen sharing sessions or simple calls with one click.

If the participants don't have the Drovio app installed or are not part of your contact list yet, invite them to join your screen over email or with a direct link that you can paste on any other communication tool, they'll be able to join you either with the app client or web client.

Swap the presenter role 🔄

Switch who's sharing their screen or app at any time (from the Drovio app only).

Record the session to re-watch it later on 📹

The whole session (screen sharing and voice or video) can be recorded by the host to re-watch it later on.

Shared clipboard ✂️

Users joining you with the app client can copy/paste text and images from/to your screen seamlessly.

Share files 📂

Share files with all the participants during a session.

Low latency 💥

Drovio offers a low latency experience, even with slow connections.

We respect your privacy 🤚

Your privacy matters to us. A simple stream of your screen or app is sent through an encrypted Peer-to-Peer connection, your data stay at home and thus your privacy is preserved.

How to get started? 👨🏻‍💻

Download the latest version of the app for Windows, MacOS or Linux.

Updated on: 09/06/2022

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