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Try this in case of latency during a session

Temporary network issues can happen to anyone, leading to a feeling of latency during a session. The cursor may seem to be moving with delay or maybe the audio is lagging. Here are a few tips that you can try, that may help improve your connection and allow you to keep working in the best condition.

What to do in case of latency?

As a guest, try to change the quality of the screensharing stream from Best image to Best performances in your session toolbar by clicking on the HQ button. This will turn your screensharing stream from High Quality to Low quality.
As a host, decrease the framerate . Go to the app preferences, screen sharing tab, uncheck Framerate: Automatic and try with 10 instead of 20.
Open your activity monitor and have a look at your CPU usage: is there an app running in the background that could be using too much resources, preventing Drovio from compressing streams in real time?
If you are connecting through a VPN, this could explain the latency. Are you able to try to connect without it?

Updated on: 09/06/2022

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