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Draw on screen

Our draw on screen feature lets you easily brainstorm and convey what you’ve in mind without having to frenetically move your mouse cursor in all directions.

How to use the Draw on screen mode?

It can be used by both the guest and the host, but will need to be activated by the session Host.

How to activate it?

To activate it go to the session toolbar, click on the arrow icon and from the dropdown menu select one of the 2 draw options :

Draw, only for the guest to draw.
Draw together, for the guest and the host to draw together.

The draw will fade either after 3 seconds or when the other user draws if in Draw together mode.

How to make the drawing persistent?

You can make it persistent by deactivating the fade option. This option can only be deactivated by the session Host.

Click on the ... menu.
Click on Draw settings.
Uncheck Automatically fade away drawings.

How to erase the drawings?

As the host:

From the Draw settings menu: erase my drawing/erase all drawings
With ctrl+shift+right click to erase all drawings
By keeping the right click pressed over the drawing you wish to erase

As the guest:

With shift+right click to erase all guest drawings.
By keeping the right click pressed over the drawing you wish to erase

Need to exit the Draw together mode quickly?

The session's host can use the esc key to go back to Free control.

Future improvements: We'll be adding new ways to draw on screen in a future release, including various shapes, as well as the ability to insert text and save screenshots.

Updated on: 10/06/2022

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