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Schedule sessions from within Google Calendar

You can now schedule Drovio sessions right from within Google Calendar with our new integration.

How to use the Google Calendar integration?

In order to use the Drovio integration, you will need to add it to your Google Workspace using the Marketplace.

Installation steps

Head to Google Workspace Marketplace and click on the Install button.
On the Get ready to install prompt, click Continue.
In the next window Choose an account, select the Google account you want to link to Drovio.
You will be redirected to Drovio wants to access your Google Account as we need your permission. Make sure you scroll all the way down to the bottom and click on Allow.
In the last prompt Drovio has been installed! click on Done to complete the installation.

How to create a Drovio meeting from within Google Calendar?

You can create a Drovio meeting either from the Google Calendar page on your computer's browser or from the Google Calendar App on you mobile device.

Go to Google Calendar.
Create a new event.
Click on the arrow next to Add Google Meet video conferencing.
From the dropdown menu, select the Drovio meeting option.
The first time you select this option, you need to sign in to Drovio. Enter the same credentials you use to you sign in on the app then close the window when asked to.
Select a name, the date and time for the event and add any participants.
Click on the Save button.
On the next pop up, click Send for your guests to receive the invite over email.

If you don't see the arrow next to Add Google Meet video conferencing and you've just installed the Drovio integration from within Google Calendar, please refresh the page and you should be able to see it. If that's still not the case, please check the instructions again in Installation steps.

Updated on: 26/07/2022

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