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Interaction modes

You can use the interaction modes menu to control how you and your guests will use the cursor during your Drovio session.

Interaction modes

We offer 4 different interaction modes.

Free control

With free control you and the guests can freely interact with any apps being shared, using your own mouse cursors or keyboards.


The spotlight mode, for guests only, will let you know every time a guest is clicking and where.
You can enable/disable the sounds for this mode in the App > cog icon > Preferences > General tab.


This mode is only for the guests to draw.

Draw together

With this mode you and the guest can draw on the screen together.

Would like to know more about the Draw and Draw together modes?

Check our Draw on screen article.

For a smoother interaction you can now enable the interaction modes shortcuts to easily switch from one mode to another. All the steps are available in our App's shortcuts article.

Updated on: 10/06/2022

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