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Session toolbar

Skipped the App tour and now need more details on how to make your session work? don't worry here you can find a brief summary of the session toolbar icons and their functions.

Session toolbar icons

If during a session you hover your mouse over each icon on the toolbar a small tag with its function will appear.

Host's session toolbar

Use the mic icon to mute and unmute yourself, if you notice the mic has a transversal line is because you are muted, simply click it back to unmute.
Clicking on the camera icon will enable your camera feed, to disable it you just need to click it again.
The monitor icon will allow you to choose what you want to share with our 4 different options, you can find more about it in this article.
Clicking on the arrow icon will display the cursor and draw mode options.
This icon is to swap hosts, you can find the complete process here.
The indispensable ... menu will give you the options you need to administer the session by adding participants, checking the participants list, opening a chat, hiding the toolbar, recording the session, changing the draw settings and accesing the App preferences.
With the session timer not only you can check how long you have been on the session but if the session is being recorded as well, a red dot to the left of the timer will appear once the option is selected.
With the End button to close the session we also wrap this list.

Updated on: 10/06/2022

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