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VP9 video codec support

Our Windows and Linux users are now able to choose their preferred video codec between VP8 and VP9 when sharing a screen, a portion of screen or a single window.

How to change the preferred video codec?

Go to the App.
Click on the Cog icon.
Go to Preferences.
Select the Screen sharing tab.
Click on the Preferred video codec menu to switch the video codec.

Why choosing the VP9 video codec?

Thanks to VP9 better compression, sharing any content will end up consuming less bandwidth than with the default video codec, VP8.
However, VP9 generally uses more CPU resources than VP8.
We recommend that you switch to VP9 if you often share HQ content (4k and 8k) and/or share with multiple participants.

Important to know

The option needs to be selected by the session's host.
If during the session blurriness, delays and low quality display are experienced, please first go through the Latency steps to discard an internet connection, VPN or CPU issue before switching to the VP9 video codec.

Updated on: 10/06/2022

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