This article only applies to teams created before March 18, 2021. For all other teams, fair billing is automatically applied.

If your team was created before the implementation of the fair billing policy (when Drovio was called USE Together), you can choose between staying on the old billing system or moving to the new fair billing one.

How to do the migration

Only the team owner can do this migration, by going on their administrator page

Go to
Click on the Migrate tab
Select your new plan and preferred schedule of payment (monthly or yearly)
Click on Change to this plan
Make sure the billing information is correct, and Proceed to payment
Take time to read the summary of payment, it indicates what will be charged at the moment and what might be credited to your account
Validate the migration by clicking on Complete subscription

That's it, the new fair billing system is now active!

Remember, you are charged for a minimum of 1 license but all other licenses are considered inactive until your team members activate them by connecting to the Drovio app. A license gets inactive again when a user stops using the app for 30 days straight.
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