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Manage your payment methods (add, update or remove a card)

Need to add a new card, update it or remove it? Make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom of the article to check all the info!

How to add a credit card to my account?

If you need to add a card for the first time or simply want to have a back up card for your existing paid plan by adding an extra one, please go to:

Your Drovio profile at
Click on the "Payment methods" tab.
Enter your card's information and click on the "Add card" button.
After adding the card, it will appear under "Current Cards".
To make sure the card is used for the payments please click on the "Use this card" option.

If you are on a free Basic plan adding a card to your Drovio profile won't subscribe you to a paid plan.

How to update my paid plan's card?

To update your current card you will need to add the card as a new one and then set it as your primary card for the plan payments. Once you have done this, you can remove the outdated card.

Head to
Click on the "Payment methods" tab.
Please enter your card's updated information as a new card and click on the "Add card" button.
Once the updated card has been added, click on the "Use this card" option to set it as your primary card.

What if I want to remove my card?

If you have more than one card listed on your account and want to remove one of them.

Access your Drovio profile by going to
Click on the "Payment methods" tab.
Under "Current Cards" you will see all of your listed cards.
To remove a card click on the "X" next to the "Use this card" option.
If the card you want to remove is your primary card, please make sure to first select another one as primary, otherwise the option to delete it will be disabled.

If you only have one card listed and want to remove it, we will need to process the removal from our end, please send us an email with your request at

Updated on: 09/11/2022

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