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How to invite teammates from Slack to your Drovio team?

You can add members from your Slack team to your Drovio team with no hassle!

How to invite a teammate from Slack to my Drovio team?

Add the Drovio integration to your Slack workspace from this page.
Once the Drovio integration has been added, sign into your Drovio profile page using the Slack button.
In My Team section, next to the Invite tab, click on the Invite with Slack tab.
You will have a list with all of your Slack teammates and an Invite button next to each contact.
After inviting all of the contacts you want to add, please make sure you click on the Invite members button at the end of the list, to send the invites.

Only the team owner and the administrator can add new teammates.

Updated on: 19/08/2022

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