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How to kill the App process?

Sometimes when the App is unresponsive or freezing due to certain circustances such as latency, an overloaded CPU or even a bug and closing or quitting the App is not working, you might need to end the process to be able to restart the App.

How to end the process?

On Mac

Open the Activity Monitor application (it’s in Applications → Utilities).
Find the drovio-core process in the list and click it.
Click the Stop button (the one with the X icon).

On Windows

Right click on the task bar and select the Task Manager.
Find the drovio-core process.
Right click on it and select End task, then repeat with the drovio-gui process.

On Linux

Open the terminal.
Enter the killall drovio-core command.

Updated on: 09/06/2022

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