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How to use Drovio's Command Line Interface

Commands can be sent either before the Drovio app or a session is started or during a session

How to use Drovio's Command Line Interface?

From a command prompt (or terminal), [install-directory]/drovio-gui[.exe] --command="a_command"

What are our available commands?

invite?email=str&type=[email, url, file]&[audio-only, screen]&filepath=[path]

if type=email, the email field is mandatory. Does the same action as clicking on the envelope icon, entering an email address and clicking on start session (will send an email with a web invite link). Eg: drovio-gui.exe --command="invite?type=email&"

if type=url, copies a web invite link to the clipboard. Eg: drovio-gui.exe --command="invite?url"

if type=file, the filepath field is mandatory. Will write an invite link to a file. Eg: drovio-gui.exe --command="invite?file&filepath=D:\\link.txt"

adding audio-only will start a session with no screen being shared while adding screen will share the primary screen


Add a new contact to the list using the email address (equivalent to entering an email on the search bar that isn't in your contact list and clicking on invite). Eg: drovio-gui.exe --command="add?"


Join a session, the uid and invite parameters come from web invite links


Disable or restore keyboard and/or mouse inputs during sessions.
drovio-gui.exe --command="disable-input?keyboard" will prevent guests from being able to interact with your machine using their keyboard
drovio-gui.exe --command="disable-input?keyboard&mouse" will disable keyboard and mouse at the same time
drovio-gui.exe --command="disable-input?none" will restore to the default (both inputs accepted)

Updated on: 09/06/2022

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