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Email not received...

Here is a compilation with all of the possible scenarios in which you need to get an email and what to do if you haven't received it yet.

Have not received your reset password email?

If you created an account with us using your email and password please check this article.

If you initially signed up with GitHub/Slack or SSO, please check our How to login with email & password if you signed up with GitHub, Slack or SSO? article.

Your invite email to join an ongoing session hasn't arrived?

Simply follow the steps from our How can I join an ongoing session? article.

Still waiting for the web session invite?

If your contact sent the invite link via email then ask them to share the link with you through any other instant messaging platform.

Our Invite someone to an ongoing session article will help you to understand more about the different options to invite someone to a session.

If you would like to know more about our web invite link features do not miss our Web invitation link article.

Need to join a team and can't wait or have not received the invite email yet?

Don't worry, you will find a great workaround at the end of the Create a team on Drovio article.

Please always make sure to check if your email has been delivered either to the spam or any other of your folders.

Updated on: 15/07/2022

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